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02-Sep-2017 12:49

Here are my picks for the 30 best entrance songs in the UFC today. And, unfortunately, because of limitations on usable UFC footage, videos for the songs themselves are used in most cases. As you read, pour some American-style pilsner on the pavement for this fallen hero.

They are the fanfare of the fighter, the announcement of his presence, the clarion call for battle and for .

However, it’s perfectly acceptable to judge one based on the first few seconds or so.

It’s impossible to not get excited when “Poker Face” begins.

There’s a sense of ambiguity and suspense as that simple progression looms about and the famous “ma-ma-ma-ma” hook punches through.

Watch the clip below with the music starting about one minute in.

As he walks out you can already see Spinks start to tremble in his shorts.

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