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05-Dec-2017 23:50

It's a challenging task for the government, but not impossible," he added.

One of HSI's top priorities is to combat criminal activity conducted on or facilitated by the Internet.

A mammoth task Cyber security expert Ritesh Bhatia told mid-day, "In the Russian teenager's suicide, it was found that the community communicated via prominent social apps.

If we want to ban the Challenge and stop it from entering the country, we need to control and monitor all social media platforms popular among youngsters.

These devices have greatly increased the volume of data that HSI special agents must examine during the course of an investigation.

In addition, HSI investigators must now manage digital evidence that is highly volatile, mobile and subject to encryption.

Cyber experts believe that Blue Whale is not just another game easily downloadable from Playstore or any other app store and that it is, in fact, a community that has been inciting teenagers across the globe to commit suicide.

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As the use of computers and digital devices has exploded, along with the growing pervasiveness of network intrusion and malware type incidents, C3's Computer Forensics Unit grows to address the ever-changing investigative challenges of a digital world.

To ban Blue Whale, it is necessary to find its links and community pages, and then, block their access to teenagers.

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